Maine Phlebology Assoication

About us

About The Maine Phlebology Association
Welcome to The Maine Phlebology Association, the premier organization in Maine dedicated to bringing together physicians and medical professionals working in the field of vein care.

The Maine Phlebology Association was established in 2009 to provide support for medical professionals in their effort to provide vein care for patients. Part of the mission of the association has been to foster a collaborative academic environment and advance local, national, and international legislative issues which impact on our community.

MPA Today
Today, MPA provides its associates with an opportunity to play an active role in advancing the issues that affect their practice.

Central to the MPA community is the Annual Maine Phlebology Dinner, held each spring. The dinner provides a valuable opportunity for professionals to connect with colleagues and participate in reviews from the American College of Phlebology and the American Venous Forum, as well an opportunity to discuss a variety of relevant topics in an academic arena. Past meetings have addressed issues such as state-based research, community awareness, and case management. Find out more about MPA meetings.

MPA for Tomorrow
In the vein health community, physicians and medical professionals welcome a new era of patient care. As public awareness of venous disease and its treatment grows, so does our opportunity to improve the standard of patient care in the state of Maine. As the MPA expands, so will our ability to meet the needs of our associates.

Help MPA to continue to be an essential part of Maine’s vein health community. Start by attending our annual meeting.